Tuesday, May 14, 2013

take nothing for granted

It started Friday, with the news of the eagle crashing to the ground in a fight.  Was it Patriot or not? (This morning's newspaper is saying it most likely was, Patriot)

Then Sunday morning I check my local newspaper online, where I do a lot of commenting - only to find out that they will start charging starting today. $9.99 a month just for the pleasure to read their rag and comment.  No thank you because I tend to go in spurts.  The important community news, like information about fires etc, will still be free as a community service.  Gee thanks!

Last night Foodie came home from his 2nd job, saying that he was "laid off" from his other job at the upscale restaurant.  They laid off the lunch crew, and will close the restaurant by the end of the month.  He had a sense of it coming. The sous chef and him are friends and he was told that,  the rental lease on the facility was up in June. Chef Cal, who is a 4 time loser when it comes to restaurants, has lost another one. He's a good chef - but he is lousy at the business end of it and makes poor and stupid decisions.

For months now, when Foodie would get his paycheck,  he had to go to the bank where it was issued, to see if the funds were there - so he could cash it. They repeatedly, would issue checks and then tell them they had to hold it for a few days.  That's illegal, isn't it?  No one would complain due to the fact that jobs are hard to come by.  It always worked out but it used to make me so angry - I wouldn't of put up with it and so many times I had to bite my tongue. 

Then to beat all - he asked me if they called?  He heard it from the sous chef, who heard about it through a phone message. - I checked messages and sure enough, there was one there from Cal.  Laid off by a phone message!  That's it - done! The man didn't even say, thank you for your hard work, or nothing.  Short, not even sweet and to the point.

That really bugs me. Foodie is disappointed but is taking it well.  He will go down and apply for some unemployment for that part of his income, he will not get anymore. He will also see if he can get some day hours at the care facility.  He can't get full time, because of this Obama-care  that is coming next year. So small businesses, are hiring up to 30 hours.  Sure he could of signed up for medical, only that it would of cost him most of his paycheck so he declined and I don't know if he will be able to do that, next year or not.  One way or another, from what I am understanding, he will have to pay for something - either in the way of coverage through the union or as a fine. Nothing is clear about it -

I don't know, things just aren't the way they used to be. Maybe it's me and I am getting old but I sure am finding that, at least for up here, times are not as good as the rest of the state.  It's a shame too, because it is such a beautiful area.

I guess we might have made a bad decision moving up here - we can't go back now even if I wanted to. (which I don't)  We saw the opportunity to get out of the rat race and took it.  Boy it has cost us -


  1. I'm so sorry. Our O.C. Register has stopped ALL free online. So LA Times it is instead for local online free news. Sorry about your son. :(

    1. I can see the big papers but the local stuff should be free. Still bugs me.

  2. It sounds like things are not all well with your family and I'm sorry. I have never ever heard of a layoff by phone, how terribly disrespectful. I hope and pray that things turn around for everyone concerned soon.

  3. Anonymous11:31 AM

    Sorry about Patriot and Foodie. Saw that it was 82 there...better than before?


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