Monday, May 13, 2013

odds and ends and the eagles

Liberty and Patriot
  • The last few days, it's been very hot in my northern central valley area. One day was 97 and while that would be cool in August, it's just too dog-gone hot for May.  Thankfully, it is only to be 87 today and then cool down to the high 70's in the next few days.  I think it just might be a HOT summer.  The heat, when I am not used to it, really beats me down. I'm tired. Plus it was kinda humid, which is rare for us since we tend to be so dry

  • Not much going on - The Husband has another stye in his eye - VA said it probably has to do with seasonal allergies.  Poor guy, his eye is blood red.  My eyes get dry too and eye makeup bothers me.  I sell Avon, but I think I might have developed a allergy to my Avon makeup.  Seems every-time I put it on, I notice my eye itching and burning. We'll see...

  • Mother's day was uneventful - the way I prefer. Foodie had to work and so did Navy. Although, Navy took me out to eat after work and Foodie said he is going to get me something - he's been so busy working these 2 jobs lately. Puts in about 60 hours a week.  The Husband slept most of the day - since Sunday is his major sleep day,  after his 3rd shift to get back to his normal.  He's fine Monday through Sat.

  • We have our heirloom tomatoes starting to sprout, along with cilantro, beefsteak tomatoes and zucchini. Seems that is all we can grow good.  Our soil is that red, volcanic clay, so it is best to grow in containers. The Husband did plant some grapes - red seedless.  They take a couple of years before they bear good fruit.  The sprinkler system in the front died - The "handy" Husband is fixing it, instead of replacing it. I hope it works. 

Handsome Patriot

This is hard for me to write about and it may seem so silly to some - but this is me.  I've told you all about our famous eagles - Liberty and Patriot and their continuing sage over the killing of their baby eggs - the intruder male eagles that came in and was keeping Patriot away from Ms Liberty. I believe the last, post I made about them, Patriot had came back and I had posted a video of them together - singing.  It seemed like they would be able to get back together.  A few days after that, we didn't see Patriot - just Liberty and these 2 other males.  It had been a month or more - other people had Patriot sightings in and around the bluffs but he just couldn't get to Liberty because these 2 bully male eagles would not let him.


Well Friday, he was seen fighting in the air with another male eagle, near the river and one male eagle fell to his death.  From the looks of it, and Patriot's distinctive markings and eye dilation - it looks like it is our Patriot. Friends of the Redding Eagles, posted pictures of the dead eagle - and matched it with photos of Patriot and you can't deny it - Although some expert who doesn't view them daily - said it was a younger eagle - Patriot is about 12 years old. Today they will try and definitively make a determination on the identity of this beautiful creature.  Yeah it bums me out and I almost wish I never got that personal with them. They have been such a joy when you take a walk by the river - look up and see them.  I've been following their love story since moving here in 2008.  I guess there is still a chance it is not - have to HOPE they are all wrong and Patriot shows up, alive.  Maybe it's one of his male off spring, that might have the same markings and such!



  1. Survival of the fittest....can suck. I'm so sorry about Patriot. (and your allergies, and your husband's...)

  2. I hope it wasn't Patriot.

  3. This mornings paper says it was, most likely Patriot. ;-(


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