Thursday, May 30, 2013

My internet was down

24 hours without the Internet drove me crazy!

 It started yesterday when we kept losing our connectivity and its been this way for about 3 mos.  I told The Husband, I had,  HAD IT so I called Charter. They wanted me to turn off my modem and then wait and then start it back again - sometimes by doing that, it works. But our situation was beyond all of that. I just told him at the get go - something is wrong. So we agreed that it might be my modem.

So I returned the modem and picked up a new one. Came home to install and my Internet connection was more like the old dial-up.  It was so slow...and we could not get images.  Then our phone was out - because we use cable for our phone.

While I had them on the phone I took the opportunity to cancel all of our premium cable stuff - lowered my overall bill to about $40.  Then we turn on the TV and notice they cut the whole cable - It was frustrating. We had no connection and no cable.  Foodie was on the phone with Lisa from Tech for an hour and a half and finally she ordered a service tech to come this morning.

They remotely fixed the cable - so we did have television last night. Which was good because we had a ball game - Giants and A's game we didn't want to miss.

This morning, JJ came - I had him the last time, 2 years ago. Nice kid.  Well he spent the whole day here - and then come to find out about it, the whole block had some corrosion and we've all had slow and spotty Internet - it wasn't just us. Oh and the new modem, wasn't working so he gave me a new one that does.

Got it all fixed and now it's like we all have new computers, laptops and tablets. Wow what a difference.

Finally got online at around 3:30 or so this afternoon real quick - then I had to go to a preschool graduation.  Just now able to get on...

Daisey's lump is not as big but this is what it looks like.

Crazy day and tomorrow looks crazy too....Daisey has to go see the Vet about that swollen lump in her ear.  and there is something else that I can't seem to remember...


  1. Hi there. Just signed onto your new blog, Coffee Lady. Wow, I had no idea Google could lock you out of your own blog if the verification code get messed up, and then they have no good way to prove you are the rightful owner, that's terrible!

    Glad you got your cable and Internet back up. I am so used to the Internet, I’d be lost now without it. Is that little cutie in the photo your grandchild at a preschool graduation? Hope Daisy feels better now after visiting the Vet.

    1. yep be careful if you do that 2 step verification - SAVE those codes they give you and use a mobile phone for your backup phone - not a landline.

      No that was just a photo I borrowed. :-)

  2. I'm glad your back.

  3. Sorry to hear about your blog issues and your Internet problems. Glad that the Internet issue is solved and I do hope that you'll be able to access your other blog eventually. That's frustrating!

    Thanks for sending out the link to your new blog! I always enjoy reading your thoughts :) I'm pretty sure my blog address has changed since last we crossed paths: bootsandbluestockings is the name of my new joint!


    1. yep I got your blog down! I went back to my old one and tried to make contact with all my favorites -

  4. Yikes! I am glad you're back up and running again (again). Hopefully Daisey's ear insn't anything too serious or expensive to heal.

  5. iPad time! LOL

    Glad you are back.

  6. Losing Internet and cable is a massive pain! Hope daisey is ok at the vets x


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