Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Liberty and Patriot last year

Amazing creatures, these eagles are.  It's no wonder I got attached to them. I totally fell in love with them; watching them and their eaglets every year.

This touching video was taken last year - July 3, 2012 -  of Patriot & Liberty on Bluff Branch. Their 2 eaglets had fledged and they couldn't have seemed happier up there together. 

Little did we all know, this would be their last time together as proud parents.

The end of an era. RIP Patriot. ;-(  

There is going to be a memorial service for Patriot this weekend, which I am attending. It will be just a few of us - many in the community think, us Eagle lovers are crazy.  Crazy about Eagles and especially Miss Liberty and Handsome Patriot. 

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