Tuesday, May 28, 2013

last weeks tid bits

It's been a few days now and my memory of what I would of blogged about last week is now starting to surface....

1. Last Thursday and Friday, Foodie and Navy took those days to go camping and hiking up around Lake Almanor.   It was that Friday evening when a friend down in LA called up and asked if we were all okay - apparently while we were driving in the car (we didn't feel it)  there had been a good jolt of an earthquake. 4.7-4.9 but the deal was, the epicenter was where my sons were at.  They kept getting aftershocks all night. Navy was sitting right at the lakes edge, when he felt it - and he sat there he could see the ripples through the lake - trees swaying and rocks moving around. He said it was awesome but a little scary since they were the only ones out there in this wilderness.  They had quite a couple of days - they also woke up to snow. (6,000 elev) 

2. When I took Daisey Mae to the vet, they weighed her and she is overweight!  70 lbs. She's a German-shepherd mix and around 8-9 years old. We rescued her last year and she was 60 lbs.  That is a lot of weight!  So Daisey is getting cut back and we are upping her exercise.  We have to be careful since like me, she has blown disc's. But I will say, she is a MAJOR hunk of LOVE and she sure loves her Mommy which is me! A 70lb Velcro dog! 

3.  And I lost another pound.  All total 12 lbs.  I get weighed and measured today. Ug!  I had cookies last night at the cemetery, after the Memorial Day program.  Gave me a major sugar-high. I had to come home and drink a beer! Other than meal proportions which are a little larger since I am on stage 3, I kept to the program. But I still feel like I ate too much. If I gain more than 3 lbs I have to go down to stage 1 again and I do not want to do that!!!


  1. My rescued dogs usually gain weight right away. So often they aren't used to regular meals and they gobble everything down. And I spoil them a bit because I know the food makes them feel safe. Then we have to lose weight. I'll get my weight today. I hope I've lost some more. We had an earthquake once in Illinois. We lived near an air force base, and I thought a plane was flying too low. Then I realized what it was. I didn't like it. When The Hurricane experienced her first earthquake in The Bay Area she said she found it very offputting.


  2. Lost a pound after cookies and a beer!? I'm jealous!

    Yeah, I hate the a/c costs. Since our chihuahua is now approaching 2 years old, and over 6 lbs., I've upped our thermostat from 77 to 78. Only a degree, but it will help with the costs. Every little bit helps, right? and it's only for a couple of months...

    1. I try and keep mine at 78 too and use fans. Ours is a brand new HVAC unit we replaced last Oct so I am hoping it is more cost effective. That's what I was told. I think they tell you this, just to make you feel better about spending all that money!

  3. It sounds like your boys had quite a camping trip, they are much braver than I.

    Do we get a picture of your pup Daisy Mae?


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