Saturday, May 04, 2013

keeping busy

pretty meadow near my house

It's that time to keep myself busy.  Wednesday is Michael's Heaven Date.  If I keep busy, I seem to be okay.  I NEVER know how I will react to the actual date.  I tend to look back when I think I really should be looking forward.  I am my own worse enemy.  Like his brothers tell me,  I should celebrate his birthday (August) and just let May 8, that horrible day go by.  That's what they do. Of course we all know, guys do things differently - plus, they are not mothers.  Actually, they tend to keep quiet and keep it all to themselves. 

I took apart and sanded a old redwood patio chair that we had back when I was a kid. I have been meaning to do this forever.  The chair is 53 years old.  I have one more chair to do and a settee.  Totally took it apart, sanded down the redwood and had to replace some pieces.  Then yesterday, the Husband and I bought some wood putty and wood screws - together we are assembling it back together.  It looks good. Then I will shabby chic it or paint it - when all the pieces are done. 

That makes me happy.  But being the hopelessly,  senti"mental" slob that I am, I kept mentioning how many "seats" sat in those chairs, those 53 years.  My folks gave them to me 30 years ago so they have seen backsides of my kids; Michael included.  My best friend, Susie who died 2 years ago - sat in those chairs.  Good times and good memories.  -  We are re-building them with screws so that Lord willing, they can last another 53 years and will continue making good memories, long after I am gone.  

I'll post a before and after picture when we are done. 

So as long as I have a project - I am fine. 


  1. Hang on. We have to hang on.


  2. I think it's good to keep busy, doing this blogging lark, Pinterest,twitter etc keeps me busy at the moment (till I have a job). On the anniversary of what would have been my dads 65th birthday, we went for a meal. It's not celebrating, it's just trying to carry on with life like I knew he would want me to, we raised our glasses for him. :(

  3. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers! I can't imagine how hard it must be for a mother. I hope keeping busy will get you through the next few days.

  4. When we got married almost two years ago, a very close family friend made us Adirondack chairs as a gift. By hand. And wood burned an inscription into the bottom of each piece. He has Parkinson's. The doctors have told him there's nothing more they can do and he should go live his life to the absolute fullest until he can't any more. (Which he is, and let me tell you I'm a bit jealous) But when he does go... we will have the chairs. And I can sit and remember, curl up in a ball in one, in the warm summer sun... and remember.

    And so can you.

    I hope they will bring you as much comfort as those chairs do me.

  5. It's good to keep your hands busy while you're having a rough day. Busy hands seem to somehow help sort things out in the brain, don't they?


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