Friday, May 31, 2013

Daisey did fine

looks like a fava bean

No that's not a image of Daisey's ear but it is about the same size and what it looks like.  Kinda gross huh?  So we took her in and we had choices - we could of done nothing and watched it. In time it probably would just go away but if it didn't and became infected or bigger, we would be looking at surgery under the knife and she's elderly and would have to have anesthetic - or we could just do surgery NOW or we could take the middle road - pop it, drain it and hope it goes away.  It might but it could come back, to where they just pop it again.  Some times it takes 2-3 times but is better than putting her under.

The Vet packed it with some anti-inflammatory and it must feel better to her because she is no longer shaking her head or trying to scratch her ear.

She was a good girl, but she did growl at a little Schnauzer named Gus.  He was a bit too much for her, got in her face and she just had her ear done...Grrrrrrr.


  1. That happened to one of my (now late) dogs some years ago. He had surgery and had a big bandage around his head. I know it hurt afterwards because one of the other dogs bumped his head, and he growled and snapped.


    1. awww. I hate it when my dogs or cats get hurt. They are my babies.

  2. I am glad your Daisey is feeling better. I feel so sad and helpless for my pup when she's not feeling well.


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