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My great-niece or nephew - we'll find out next month

Back in the day - we had to wait 43 days after our last period to find out if we were pregnant.  My first two pregnancies,  I did not have any tests, sonograms, nothing. It wasn't necessary.  My last baby, in 1984 - I allowed them to do a sonogram.  The first one came back, that the baby was "grossly deformed."  They wanted me to go to their better facility to get another.  I had to wait 4 weeks!  The baby was moving - and here I was, worried sick that this baby was deformed.  We even asked, "by deformed" did they mean, the baby was a little-person like Michael - Technically, (although we really don't like to hear that word)  in the medical world, Dwarfism is a deformity. They said, from what they could tell initially, the baby was not a dwarf. 

I had a GUT feeling, they were wrong.

Baby Navy at 3 mos.

They were - the next sonogram showed a healthy baby.  They asked me if I wanted to know the sex-  I did not.  They hinted it was a girl.  WRONG AGAIN. 

Medical technology has come so far since then.  Would I today, want to know the sex?  No.  I loved the wait and everyone being so surprised and all.  I wouldn't of changed a thing. (Except for those rotten, old sonograms of the 80's)

Navy - homecoming in Va after long deployment

Navy now. 


  1. OMG I cannot imagine the torture you went through after that first ultra sound. :(

    I had both and ultra sound and amniocentesis with my eldest, because at 6 weeks from due date, I had developed toxemia and they needed to check if the baby's lungs were ok. I had the hospital bed ringed with physician's viewing, because in 1974 amniocentisis' were cutting edge technology. And the ultra sound machine was on LOAN from another hospital because again, new technology. And I threw up all over it because a woman 7.5 months pregnant on full bed rest, told to drink 2 gallons of water right AFTER maternity breakfast in the hospital can NOT keep it down. I told the tech that I was going to barf, she didn't believe me. I could barf on her or the machine. I should've chosen her. LOL

    Glad all went well, sweetie.

    1. The young moms of today, have no idea the blunders and things we had to go through, in order for them, to enjoy the technology they have today.

  2. One of my sister's had a similar experience. She was told the baby was unusually large and probably had Down's Syndrome (or is it Down Syndrome?). So then she had amniocentesis, I think. The baby was just big. Now the baby is all grown up. Sometimes doctors and technicians frighten us for no reason.


    1. That's awful. She could of ended the pregnancy and it does make you wonder, how many do, and come to find out about it - all is fine. Of course I guess they wouldn't know, or wouldn't say. After all my experiences with the medical world with my son Michael, I started to mistrust them and realize that they are ONLY HUMAN.

  3. Anonymous3:58 PM

    A great-niece or nephew??? You're too young! My pregnancy story is that I tested positive for Toxoplasmosis. You get it from changing a litter box. I hadn't done that in years, so I wasn't
    worried. I must have gotten it when I slept with a kitten when I was little. Toxo can cause blindness and brain damage. Once you are exposed, it will always turn up in your blood work.

    Baby Navy was a cutie!

    1. You think that is something, I have 2 great great nieces and 1 great great nephew from my brother. I'm a great great aunt but I'm not even a grandma yet. Oh well.

      Oh yeah I know about toxo - we've always had cats and each pregnancy I got out of changing the litter box.

  4. Ultrasounds have come a LONG way from even a few years ago. It's got it's pros and cons, certainly. From the medical perspective, improvements on technology have saved many babies' lives, especially with heart and kidney conditions. But, it's taken some of the fun and mystery away, as well. I've been to more than one delivery where you say "it's a girl" and they say, "No, it's supposed to be a boy" or vice-versa. To me, it's God's funny way of saying we don't know everything.
    To Gwen--always pick the tech, not the machine. They're easier to clean.

    1. With all of the technology, bottom-line, it is only their educated guess.


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