Thursday, May 02, 2013

a rant, a vent and a little bit of the old pity pot


 I think (but I could be wrong) that I am getting myself all rattled because Michael's heaven date is coming (on the 8th)  I am very nervous, overwhelmed and have a sick stomach.  I feel like crying - not necessarily about this upcoming anniversary,  I just feel like crying because - heck I don't know.  I am no longer hormonal so I can't blame it on that.

Last night I was going online to check for unclaimed property from the state of California. I do this every year.  I found that Foodie has $15.32 owed  But what upset me, was when I put in my son's name and he has 2 accounts.  One for $587 and another account with about $83 in it.  So I have to get his death certificate and some copies of utility bills, showing his addresses. One was when he was home and the other when he was down in Long Beach going to Cal State.  I don't want "the state" to have his money. I'm very protective.

It was hard to do all of that, 10 years ago.  I don't relish doing it again.  It doesn't need to get done right now -   So that is some relief.

Okay, enough about That.  On to a Rant....


I am so rusty at this - Kmart was a nightmare.  I'm supposed to find a certain number of employees and stand around and wait for them to approach me.  It's called the 10 foot rule. They are supposed to greet you and make contact if you are within this 10 foot rule.  One lady, I was practically on top of her and she would not acknowledge me.  I'm supposed to do this for 5 minutes.  Let me tell you, it ain't easy standing next to someone, who is ignoring you.  Finally my 5 minutes were up and I spoke to her.  She gave me a,


and went back to her zone.  I did get her name.  I walked for an hour, up and down aisles, waiting to be approached and just 1 person, greeted me.  After that hour, I decided Kmart can eat it - I wasn't going to play this stupid game anymore and picked up a water to make that $1.00 purchase and get my receipt. The check out guy was also in a zone.  He was so slow.  By the time I got to him,  I was already frazzled and forgot my receipt. So the shop is null and void.  Screw it - I'll never do a Kmart shop again.  It's not even worth it and the pay is crap.

SHOP #2 - Neither a rant or a vent

Then I go over to the grocery store. I have to take a picture of the front entrance.  I get out of my car trying not to be conspicuous - but it's 2pm in the afternoon and EVERYONE is at the store and in the lot. That shop was easy because it is already where I grocery shop.  So I just did my normal shopping - had to write down a few names and descriptions on my shopping list.  I had to interact with the Bakery lady and the Meat Dept. The Bakery dept was hard, as I stood there waiting, smelling all of those delicious toxic poisons. (Hi Gwen) Just when I was starting to talk myself into a glazed doughnut, Sharon came over and we "interacted". 

After the shop, I have to download the report, upload receipts and photos and answer a bunch of questions - write a detailed short report and send it. Back when I used to do this all the time, you get real good at it.  Plus you do the same ones over and over - once a month.  There has to be 30 days between shops.

I also used to do apartment shops.  Those are fun. I also used to do revealed shops for Chevron. That's when they know I am coming.  I hated those because I had to wear this florescent vest and take pictures all over the station, even the men's restrooms. Then if I thought they did good, I would give them an award and a gift certificate supplied to me by the company.  That was nice.

VENT - Next week on the 8th (Michael's date)  I will do another grocery shop at another store I grocery shop at.

Tomorrow the Husband is home - it's our weekend.  I really missed him this week. He had to work a day shift for 3 days extra training. I thought I would enjoy the temporary change but instead,  Daisey Mae and I just moped around.

Yep that's the story of my pathetic life - All I do is just mope around. (That was the pity pot part)


  1. awwww. :: hugs ::

  2. I mope, too. Loss is horrible.


  3. I'm so sorry :( Sending you big hugs and hoping you are able to get all of that taken care of, I don't blame you for not wanting the state to keep your son's money.

  4. Anonymous4:05 PM

    I'm no expert, but can you do something that Michael loved to do on his heaven date? Something to make it a wee bit brighter? Something other than the grocery thing. I don't know. I don't know the answer. Maybe the grocery thing will keep you occupied.

    1. I find keeping myself busy is the best for me. When we lived in the bay area, we would go to a Giants game if they were in town. One year I did balloons. One year I planted a garden and potted flowers. One year, I went shopping and bought myself a new outfit. I'll think of something, I hope.

    2. Anonymous12:57 PM

      Maybe you could plant a baby tree! I know you're a tree lover.

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