Monday, April 01, 2013

Welcome to Fresh and Springy Day!

 I like April - I like the sound of it. It sounds so fresh and springy.  March is a month we have to...march on through,  to get to fresh and springy.  We're here! Then of course, April starts with a joke - April fool's day.  My dad was a big practical joker and so am I. Others in my family, do not appreciate the art of a good, innocent prank. Navy takes after me. He too, loves a good practical joke. 

I had thought I would re-program the remote control to all Spanish speaking stations for the Husband. But then I thought, I'd be the one that would have to reprogram them back and that doesn't sound like something I want to do.

For the next 23 days in April, I have pressing issues to take care of.  I don't like pressing issues.  I'd much rather,  forget it about it but doggone it, I'm a grown up and can't do that.  Bummer, man!

Yeah I'm doing that A-Z challenge.  That is just a little extra post for the day. I still plan to post my daily rant...or thought, or whatever. 

  A is for the A-Z challenge


  1. I know, there are things I would rather not do. Like pay my bills for the month. But, I can't cause I'm 41.

  2. Now you have me I interested Now I am going to join blogging from a-z.

  3. I love the graphics here! What a fun blog. Please visit us and become a member at

  4. OMG I look forward to an ad free, promo free, giveaway free blog! I plan to regularly read your blog. I get tired of all the ads that some blogs have. Come see mine if you are so inclined - I'm ad free too! LOL

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog. I like random and writing too...following along on Bloglovin' with your A-Z posts. Enjoy!


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