Friday, April 26, 2013

W is for TV Westerns

Okay I'm a little weird.  I like old TV westerns and old movie classic/westerns.  As a young teen, none of my girlfriends liked westerns...or so they said.  Funny how, on nights these shows were on, none of us would talk on the telephone.  I wasn't the only one, enjoying TV's male-eye-candy!   

Which proves, you never get too old to enjoy a good western!   - I like to just zone out to the Ponderosa or the High Chaparral.  I also like finding out where some of those really HOT looking cowboys are now days from my favorite TV westerns:  

 I especially liked "The Virginian".  I think it was those leather chaps!  Jim is now 79.

I had a mini-crush on Gary Clarke who played Steve Hill.  He wasn't as widely known - always sandwiched between James Drury and Doug McClure.  But he sure makes a cute old man at age 76. 

Now Doug McClure - that totally broke my heart when he died. (Age 59)  What a good looking guy. And he always played such a sweet-heart.

And those Cartwright boys! All dead now with only their ranch-hand Candy alive. Candy wore leathers too!

David Canary went on to play a leading role in a soap opera I used to watch years ago in their hey day and I never knew, it was "Candy" from Bonanza. 

He played Adam Chandler on All My Children. 

 Pernell Roberts played the oldest Cartwright son, Adam.  He grew to be a good hunk of man - I like the chest hair and his bald head! Nice eyes too!

...and of course, everyone on Gunsmoke is dead now too.  Wow, James Arness was a handsome man.  I take that back, Buck Taylor who played Newly is 74 now.  But he came along later - 

And finally we come to the Big Valley. 

Lee Majors - The Six Million Dollar Man. 74 years old.

Richard Long as Jarrod Barkley - Dead. 

And my favorite - Nick Barkley. (notice the leathers?) played by Peter Breck. Dead now too. 

The Husband and I enjoy watching westerns we DVR - I mean, there are millions of episodes.  Now my Foodie, enjoys them and will sit and watch them on occasion.   Oh he makes comments how there are no special effects...

Well to that,  I say, they didn't need special effects!  They had, Nick Barkley, Heath, Jarrod, James Arness, David Canary,  the Cartwright's, Manolito Montoya, The Virginian, Steve Hill and Trampus. 

Giddy up Cowboys!!!    Time for a 20 minute shower....


  1. Anonymous5:49 PM

    I feel a little guilty...I don't think I've ever watched a Western. Husband number 1 was a huge Clint Eastwood fan. That's all I can say. Wikipedia says he's a Libertarian.

    1. Westerns were very popular in the 50's and 60's on TV - My mom and dad loved them so that's where my connection to westerns came in. Ties in to my love for ghost towns!

  2. I have to admit, one of the attractions for the house I bought is I live on Ponderosa. At my open house Westerns were playing. I was sad how many people didn't get it. I also like Alias Smith and Jones.

    1. How funny. I would of caught on, right away!

  3. Silverado, or Outlaw Josey Wales:



    1. Oh yeah, liked them both and of course we are huge John Wayne fans. Also I adored Lonesome Dove. While fairly new to the list of westerns, they all did an outstanding job.

  4. I grew up on all of those and thought the guys were all fantastic. The youth of today are really missing out!

  5. you're not kidding.


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