Thursday, April 25, 2013

V is for V-8

I won't eat Veal

Does anyone use Vaseline anymore? 

We used to eat Velveeta cheese when I was a child

I made Vichyssoise in Home Economics class in high school- That was the last time.

We have out-of-control Vinca growing on a hill in our backyard.

I once had a bout of Vertigo - It made me dizzy.

I was conceived in Newport News, Virginia at Fort Eutis when my dad was in the Army


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    1. Who knew you were already at 'V' ... no to Vaseline, veal & Velveeta. Yes to vichyssoise .. but only served warm/hot.

    2. I won't eat veal either. I've been face-to-face with those adorable eyes.

      Won't eat lamb, either. Thanks to Mary and her little lamb.

      Seriously. LOL

    3. Love Velveeta, especially with Rotel, Tabasco, and tasso. We use Vaseline in our office for various things.

    4. I don't eat veal either. I still use Vaseline although not for my lips anymore. Funny about the verigo and me too.


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