Saturday, April 06, 2013

update - Patriot, our male eagle is home!

Patriot (male) and Liberty. Together Again.

After weeks of missing our male bald eagle, Patriot I find out he is back with his lifetime mate, Liberty.  The whole saga bothered me in March - I almost hate to admit, I even took a turn toward depression as I grieved over the 3 small eaglets that were eaten and killed by a intruder eagle -  then with word that perhaps Patriot, had run into some mishap - and was quite possibly dead.  When you watch these eagle cams, it's hard not to get enmeshed into their lives. Then again, I am a soft touch when it comes to animal life.

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The Intruder Eagle has stayed around - our local experts wanted us Patriot and Liberty fans,  to stop calling him the Evil Intruder, as they are doing what Eagles do.  So I felt bad, that I get so emotional about the whole affair. Okay I concede - Mr. Intruder was not being evil and I'm sorry! 

So now, we have a 4th new bald eagle that has entered the picture.

From our local friends of the eagles, when Patriot came back and Liberty saw him, she let out a scream - a happy one. And they were very happy to see each other. Now they are sitting in their favorite trees around their area; The Dead Tree and one we refer to as the Christmas Tree.  I plan to go there tomorrow morning to celebrate and Eagle Watch with fellow Eagle-lovers.

Here's the newest video of Patriots return.


  1. This is a great story! I am glad Patriot was fine and he came home.

  2. EXCELLENT news!!!!

  3. What great news and an incredible video. Hubby isn't all that interested in my blog stuff but he even watched it!


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