Thursday, April 18, 2013

Someone has to PAY

P is for PAY

And that would be TAXES! We always have to pay. And if you ask me it's the pits! I haven't had a refund in years.  Then I hear of these big corporations that pay nothing.  It's us little guys, that have to pay.  It's the patriotic thing to do! (yeah yeah)

So I think a Thank You from the federal government is in order.  You think we'll get that?

The State of California owes us $20
WE have to pay the Feds $354 (Better than over $1200 last year) 


  1. We get a decend fed refund, but we ALWAYS owe the State of California, and that's with me even having an extra $10 taken out for the state every paycheck. I have NO IDEA why. Everyone I know gets a state refund. :(

    So I feel your Pain.

  2. Anonymous6:02 AM

    You can go to Wendy's with that state refund. I think they have grilled chicken sandwiches.

  3. I don't mind paying taxes, though I do pay a LOT of taxes (paying back student loans). But I REALLY think that the rich people out there should have to pay their fair share, i.e. the equivalent that we have to pay.

  4. The tax laws really suck!

  5. Half of our refund went to the H & R guy.

    My father was an accountant. Economics was my major. I can do taxes, but my husband thinks that I am too honest to use loop holes. Hence we always pay H & R Block. We don't even have itemized deductions any more. Go figure.

  6. Tax is a massive headache and there seems to be tax on everything in CA!

  7. I pay. And pay and pay and pay. Why do the poor people pay the most?



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