Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Okay I won't tease you any longer.....(see the photos)

We must have stayed there for well over an hour.  Just walking around, telling each other what we would do.  Never ever- mentioning the most important component.  MONEY!  Oh we were going to tear down walls, and basically gut the place, PROVIDED that once inspected, it had good bones.  The Husband even crawled under the 2nd place and said everything looked good.  (wishful thinking)  But I just went along with him after all I was the one who instigated all of this, due to my own boredom.  When it came down to actually doing it - I would step up to the plate - and give the final word.  NO.

Why?  Because I am scared. I want excitement in my life - I want to live a certain way and I am frustrated that I can't. (at least for now)   I want to live off the grid, and be as self-sufficient as I can.  I'm really not into fancy new kitchens or luxurious baths - As long as I have one, I'm fine.  I want land.  I'd be happy in a shack if we just had some acreage.  The Husband feels the same way.

Here are some pictures of the inside from the website.  Like, are we serious or what????

 We have no idea which home this goes to.  See how the inside is all choppy with rooms going here and going there....with different floor coverings.  I lost count, how many different floor coverings were in the 2 manufactured homes.

I was told one time, that the walls in manufactured homes are not load bearing - so you can totally redesign the inside.  Some of the walls we could tell were Sheetrock and others were the shiny vinyl ones of manufactured homes.

How hard would it be to just gut it?  Pull up all the floors....turn it into something warm and homey? 

I think this was in the first one - NOT my dream kitchen for sure.  Maybe we could make 2 kitchens -

This is the inside porch of the first one - All of those windows could be salvaged - I'm thinking this could be a duplex...

This is the back covered porch on the one we liked.  It has potential....

The front porch of the first one - needs some work...

A total tear-out but I'm thinking closets....BIG walk in closets. 

The kitchen and living area of the manufactured home we liked.  I see all new flooring and do something with the ceiling....I like the vaulted look but maybe we could...paint covers a multitude of sins.  That island there, bugs me.  I'd straighten it out - flat against the small wall and then bring another one out in a L shape island/counter. 

Another ugly manufactured room. That smaller room could be a closet.  Tear down the walls, tear out the carpet - put in sheet-rock .....

The bathrooms were not that bad. I could live with it for awhile - while we did the more important stuff.  I've seen much worse bathrooms.

Strange -  I'd love to actually see it for real....

And yes, it does say, Shalom. 

 The offices

 the possibilities....

 master bedroom



 other side of porch


 shoddy workmanship.  I'm sure nothing is legal.

Where the heck am I?

 I think I am getting lost in here....

 reminds me of the entrance to the school auditorium except with carpet.

  office? Bedroom? closet??

  paneling even inside the closets!

 paneling everywhere -

This the one that could be a duplex.

AND that bathroom would have to go - at least the tub at first.

So the Husband left a message with the realtor....

I can totally assure you all, that we are NOT doing this.  We were BORED and we got caught up in one too many HGTV shows - but in all reality, NOW is not the time for us to sell our home.   Sure we could sell our home, and pay cash for this property and fix it up but honestly I think it is a demo.  It's the land, that is valuable.  While we have not gone, "underwater" on our mortgage, we did lose about $40,000 in the home.  I want to wait and PRAY that within the next 3 years, we can recoup our loss and then some - and
maybe by then all our kids will be in a better position.  God I hope so.

It was fun. We totally wasted the whole day and then some - just dreaming....

Back to reality tomorrow.


  1. Come on, just enjoy the fun for what it was.

    Yeah, been there, done that. ;)

  2. Finally! Actually, it wasn't a bad plan. And once in a while it's a fun diversion to imagine your life in a different place. We have friends who bought a building downtown in their little city. They rented out the shops at street level and the upstairs was vacant. We walked through there and shared with them what we would do with all that space. Darned it they didn't take our ideas and turn it into an amazing home. Dreaming is good for the soul.

  3. I have lived here 10 years. We still have one room left with paneling. It's painted so you don't notice, but yeah... paneling. I noticed you stopped over and followed, so I thought I'd stop by. Funny story... my parents just got a large inheritance. They decided to buy a retirement home and then sell their house when the market rebounds a bit. My dad is a contractor, so clearly we have the resources to do this. Needless to say their "new house" has been completely demo-ed over the last 3 weeks. No bathroom, no kitchen, no carpets, etc. Every window needs to be replaced, and the sweat equity has been enormous. I spent 5 hours pulling carpet staples from hardwood floors. Collectively we have spent 42 hours stripping wallpaper and we are still not done. They just had the FOURTH 40yd. dumpster dropped today.

    When it's done it will be amazing. But when I tell you that you should be glad you put your plans on hod a while, know that I mean it. :)

  4. Too funny. Shucks, I wanted to see an aerial view of how those buildings are spaced. Nice property .. perhaps .. but a money pit on those manufactured buildings.


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