Sunday, April 07, 2013

ner ner nervous

Here it is - 1 week before TAX DAY and we still have not done our taxes. I'm thinking, filing for an extension. Why not? It would be a new experience. So I don't know yet what the heck The Husband is going to decide to do. He wants to do them instead of paying the tax-lady to do it. I just want them DONE!

We've had some rain this last week - and I am starting to feel it. I get down, so easily just from a few cold, wet, dark days. Yesterday I suggested we get out for a hike. I'm glad we did, because it was actually a balmy day even with the clouds and occasional showers. I felt good afterwards and slept well last night.

Just heard about Pastor Warren's son, committing suicide. Sad. While I haven't lost a son to suicide, only a mother, I do know what it is to lose a son prematurely to death at age 25 so I kinda know what they feel. You know, next month will be a hard one for me. It will mark the 10 year anniversary for me and the weather had better warm up and be sunny or else I am going to go down that spiral of depression once again. I miss my boy so much. I feel so lonely without him at times. Like the Giant's opening game in San Francisco, Friday - he would of been there. It also gives me a sick stomach, because we had planned to scatter his ashes in the bay, at McCovey Cove and I backed out because I did not want to part with his ashes. I still can't. :-(

Okay 'nuff of the depressing crap - it has to be happy happy happy! you know, the fake it till you make it, philosophy. I'm good at faking it and playing happy-happy-suck-it-in. 

Clear Creek - no, really, that's the name!

 Yesterday we were scoping out our swimming holes for summer.

 The first known gold discovery in Shasta County, was made by Pierson B. Reading and his Indian laborers in 1848 on a bar in Clear Creek.  When Reading made this discovery in Clear Creek, The Rush soon spread to Shasta County from Coloma where James Marshall had discovered gold earlier the same year in the tailrace of John Sutter's sawmill.  By 1849, the rush was in full swing in Shasta County.  The area around the discovery site was quickly overrun with miners trying to strike it rich.  The community eventually became known as Horsetown.

Mining began in a haphazard way with shovels, picks, pans, even knives and spoons.  Gold dominated the mineral economy of Shasta County until 1897 when copper became king.


Gold is still being panned - (see green pans) We'll go down soon and start.

Looking forward to summer. 

great swimming hole!

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  1. I'm so very sorry about your son. :( :(

    Beautiful photos!


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