Saturday, April 20, 2013

My twitter tale

Today, I set up a table at Curves with my district manager.  It was windy and we were sitting in the shade.  It will get to the mid 80's today but we still have those cool nights and mornings till we heat up.  One huge gust of wind, blew everything off and we both had to scramble to pick it all up before the next gust.  Had some homeless guy on as bike, beg us for cash.  It was really dead.  In my town, we are having a classic car event that has been going on all week, call Cool April Nites. It's always HOT during this event, but the evenings and mornings are cool.  Anyway, we figured half the town, was at the big event happening today. 

Now I know those smart phones are pretty darn amazing - you know, smart and all. But REALLY NOW, does it have to make people dumb? Here's this woman, who can't carry on a conversation with me because she is pressing her buttons, on Facebook and Twitter.  We did manage to talk a little.  She told me she is a type A personality.  Now what do I do with that kind of information?  I always tell people I am a type-z personality - for zzzzzzzzzz's.  I don't think she knew what to do with my comeback. She went back to tweeting.  So how does her tweeting, instead of talking to me and giving me super-duper-avon-tips bother me?  It doesn't really.  Hey I'm a proud introvert and what I did today, takes GUTS!  Plus a long nap in the afternoon.

We agreed I would do it alone from now on.  Wow I must be boring.  Maybe I need to get on Twitter and get to know her THAT way.  No thank you.


  1. How rude! I'm not really into twitter that much yet so don't understand the fascination with it. You did well to stay calm.

  2. Anonymous4:13 AM

    I posted this comment on Janie's blog, too. "Studies show" that people who tweet and text excessively are shallow. Kelly Ripa said so last week on TV.

    This person was just plain rude.

  3. I don't deal with anyone who is texting or tweeting when speaking to me. Really, am I less important than the person in the gadget? Usually I make a remark about speaking to me when you can fit me in and walk away. Put the stupid phone down.


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