Wednesday, April 24, 2013

MY RANT on water usage and conservation

Grrrrrrrrrrr. The Husband and I on almost all points get along good. EXCEPT that he likes to water...he LOVES the sprinklers and now that we are in the mid 80's he's got those sprinklers on.  He goes out in the back every morning, and hand waters the new seedlings, and he takes out a bucket or so, of pond water and then takes his hose, and puts in fresh water.  Then he takes his trusty rusty net and fishes out leaves and debris.  Then he takes the hose and sprinkles the hill.

An hour later he turns the sprinklers on for 5 minutes on the hill. Later in the day he turns on the sprinklers for the grass (which are more like green weeds)


I kid him about being a So Cal guy (southern California) He was born in Long Beach and he doesn't remember ever water rationing. Whereas I am a Northern Californian and that's all we did, is water rationed.  I potty trained 3 boys, during the biggest droughts. They were taught,  

"if its pee, let it be." 

 Only, they are adults now and they sometimes forget!  (Always when guests come over)

Then The Husband lived up in the Pacific Northwest (Seattle) and they never water rationed up there, my God it never stops raining. 

Whereas I, have learned you do not over-water your lawn or plants or they will not grow deep roots.  Then when its hot and a drought, they die. 

He also gets forgetful and leaves the hose running in the back.  Last year our neighbor came over and said their patio was flooded.  Come to find out about it, he had left the water hose on. 

Plus I am frugal.  Cutting back on water usage is a good way to save money. 

He just loves to program the water to go off all times during the night.  He's at work and and I am in bed sleeping and I hear those rain-bird sprinklers going off at 3am.

Its not like we have these spacious lawns - and every year we take a bigger chunk of it out for a garden.

We're trying to plant native plants only on our hill but doggone it, he over-waters them. We planted native manzanita plants and I told him to just leave them be - I catch him out there watering them!

I should make him LOOK at the water bill. He also takes 20 minute showers. So do my sons. Guess how long of a shower I take?  I can soap up, shave my legs and wash my hair in 5-10 minutes if that!  Man, I got places to go and people to see - I learned, when I lived in our RV, to get in and get out ASAP. 

All I can say is MEN!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


  1. umm, how can I put this? Guys sometimes do more in the shower than shower. muwahahahahahaha!!!!!

  2. I had never heard of water rationing until I moved to Colorado, our front yard is currently dirt. Maybe you should just dump a truckload of landscaping rocks into your yard so there's nothing left for him to water!

  3. 20 minute showers...what are they doing in there? Maybe you should try and suggest a new hobby to him so he gets over his water obsession. In the UK we have hosepipe bans in the summer, ridiculous really seeing as it rains all the bloody time. :)

  4. If he lived here he wouldn't need to water! I like conservation too!


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