Thursday, April 18, 2013

F is for FLAKE

Oh wait, we're way past F in the A-Z challenge. 
Oh well, I'm doing it again. 

No not a snow flake

no not cornflakes...

It would be me.

I'm starting to be a big FLAKE.  I am so mad at myself I could spit. I did the dumbest thing.  This tops everything I have ever done.  It makes me think, I must be getting old.  It's a sign of senility or something.  This diet is making me lose brain cells.  Yeah yeah that's it!

On the 9th I paid our 2nd installment of the property tax - I paid it online, through the county.  I do this all the time - it's fast - it's painless.  But it sure helps if you pay it out of the RIGHT account.  I am thinking our regular household account - but NOoooooooo, I paid it from my little (this means hardly any funds) meaningless account I use for Avon etc.

Needless to say, it went Bounce. 

I have got to have the nicest husband.  He was so nice about it - saying it could happen to anybody.  So we went down to the banks and did what we had to do and I called the county who will put it through once again.

I'm hard on myself.  And when I start doing things like this, it makes me wonder...

I tend to be a fast paced person...I do everything too fast.  I walk fast.  When ItalkItalkfast (so I am told)  and I just DO what I have to do, and I think I do it, all too fast.  I'm starting to make some costly mistakes. I need to slow down.  Now The Husband is the opposite.  He is so slow he drives me nuts!  But he doesn't make the kind of mistakes I do. 

So F is for a fast Flake, which is me.

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photo credit: JanetR3 via photopin cc


  1. OH OH. Hope they don't charge you the 10% late fee. :(

    (and yeah, could've happened to anyone.)

  2. Sigh.....been there, done that. Here, have another cup of coffee. Cinnamon bun??

  3. Haha. I know what you mean. I do dumb stuff all the time. Just wait till the memory starts to go, then you won't remember it!

  4. Go outside and smell the roses ... savor that cup of coffee .. eat more s.l.o.w.l.y ... let the sunshine s.o.a.k in for a bit. Just breath. When you eat .. put your fork down between bites. And repeat ten times and hour: "I am not a flake, I am not a flake, I am not a flake" .. :) All is well that ends well. Have a beautiful day.

  5. That doesn't make you a flake. I used the baseball team card at the vet. I was so upset that my kitty was sick, I didn't even look at the color of the card. As soon as I got home, I went to my bank and pulled the money out to take to the league treasurer. We all have busy lives and sometimes, we get overloaded. It's easy to use the wrong card.


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