Sunday, April 28, 2013

end of the month boredom

April sure went by fast and I blame it on the A-Z challenge.  I will be glad when April is done.  We've got about $50 left in our account - just waiting till the 1st.  This weekend is boring.  In fact we've just been downright bored and sometimes we can get into trouble, when we are bored.  

The other morning, we were talking about our adult children.  About how things are so much harder for them, than it was for us. Plus living in a semi-rural community, makes it even more challenging for young people. You give up a few urban comforts just to have more quiet, balance and simplicity.  LIKE a good paying job and public transportation.  Other than that, there is nothing appealing to me anymore, about living in a crowded urban area.  You know the saying, BEEN THERE, DONE THAT.  Anywhoo, I just suggested to the Husband,

"why don't we sell our home, and buy a bigger house with more land and then we can all have our spaces and when (or if) they go, we can enjoy the space for awhile and then downsize once again."

"hmmmmmmmmmmmmm", said the Husband.

 I took his "hmmmmmm" to mean he was interested.  So I started looking for property that might work. You know, just for fun...

What I found was just too interesting to pass up - without a look of course.  I found a 5000 sq ft property on 2.06 acres in Mountain Gate, about 11 miles up the road from us.  It is where, they stop cars and trucks when it starts to snow - like the name implies, it is the gateway to the Mountains.  It snows there, but only flurries and none of it actually sticks.
The catch on this property is: 

  • owned by the bank
  • it has 2 manufactures homes
  • total of 8 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms
  • it used to be a care facility at one time. 
  • it's a MAJOR fixer-upper

The bank is asking $116,000.  Seems every month the bank drops it by 10G.  Just a few years ago,  in 2008 it was worth $365,000. 

So we took a drive up there to check it out.



  1. OH WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ooh sounds exciting!

  3. How interesting. Maybe it's the place for you. I have an award for you at my site.

  4. I want to here the rest of the story....I am not good at waiting. Hope it works out for you. Certainly lots of room and the price is good if you don't have to do too much work.

    1. well that's the key - cheap price usually means WORK WORK and more work. Which also means $$$$$$$$$$


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