Monday, April 29, 2013

Don't go looking at real estate when you are BORED!

Continuing from the last post yesterday on boredom:

We took the dog, and drove on up.  It didn't take very long at all. It's a straight shot on I.5 going north.  Took the off ramp from the interstate and drove just a few yards or so before we came to another road. Turned there and it's all horse land. Signs saying, "Horse Crossing" and watch out for the horses.  A mixed landscape of old California Oaks, Pines, Cedars and furs. We almost drove past it - Next door and across the street is a horse ranch who breeds I believe it was Arabians.  There was a riding school/ranch across from the property.  We love horses!  The Husband especially ADORES horses.  (Uh oh, I'm in trouble) 

The property has a circular type drive way. You go in one drive and come out another.  I like that!  We pulled into one of the parking spaces.  (It used to be a care facility years ago)  My first impression, was that I loved the property.  It smelled like camping. It was quiet except for the occasional shifting of the gears on the big rig trucks, getting ready to make the climb on the interstate.

Next we walk over to the 1st manufactured home.  It appeared to have been broken into - broken windows, boarded up windows. We looked inside from the window - a total mess. But had potential.  They had built a enclosed porch on all three sides of the building.  There were 2 wheelchair ramps. 

I thought I was creative and love a challenge but some of the rooms and floors from what we could see, were just awful.  However,  The Husband was still interested.....

Attached to this home, they had a stick-built addition  - it looked like it had been the main entrance - It had a big porch and stairs, double french-doors going into what looks like a lobby.  I kinda liked that.  But still, how could you redo it, to make it look like a duplex home?  

To the side of that, were garage-type shelters or carports.  One looked like a 2 car and the other a 1 car.  There had been some vandalism there too.  It had a walk-in deep freezer! Other than that, it was a rather creepy garage and there was pot stains on the cement.  And lights all over the ceilings.  Looked like they had been growing pot.  It was all set up. 

I'm kinda used to finished garages - with sheet-rock.  This was all open and old and needed some work to make it look nice.  Frankly it was a tear-down.

I liked the other manufactured home. From this vantage point, it didn't look too bad and it was newer.  To the left of home #1 and in front of home #2 was a open area, and a fire pit.  Fruit trees were all around and a stream ran through the edge of the property that is dry in the summer and fall. 

I'm loving the property.  These photo's were taken by the realtor. When we looked, it was all green and the grasses were overgrown and the orange and lemon trees had fruit on them. There were also, apple, plum and pear trees. I couldn't see from the overgrowth, how much more was in there.  The trees encircle this flat area in the middle.  I could see a nice patio and garden area - maybe even a swimming pool.  But the Husband said, NO POOL. 

The land part of the property has potential.

To be continued....

hehehehe, aren't I the tease???


  1. I was upset yesterday when I read the first post. When I saw this one today, I thought, Oh boy!" Now, I have to still wait when it is starting to read like the beginning of a horror novel and the excitement is building. Sheesh!

    1. yeah I am really milking this aren't I???? :-)

  2. Anonymous9:46 AM

    I'm a big fan of privacy...

  3. I like the second property too!


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