Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Boredom and Impulsiveness does not mix

There it was - the one we would turn into our home.  No one living with us.  In fact, the Husband doesn't even want a guest room!  It looks pretty good.  Once again, because it was a care facility in a past life, it has those ramps. They also did the same thing, and built on to the 3 sides, a windowed porch, totally enclosed, I guess to give more square footage and a place where the patients could sit and look outside. 

Both homes had AC's on top.  A wood stove in the first one - I'd just keep the ramps for awhile - and take out that bush and put in stairs, to make a nice entrance. IF we were buying it.  We are walking around making plans -  2 huge propane tanks heat the house, which is pretty normal in the rural areas.  Our dream is to go off the grid as much as we possibly could.  Of course with the ability to still plug in, if we had to.  

We walked around this home and in the back I fell in love with the land even more.  Trees and about an acre of open flat land, that could be used as a horse pasture or better yet, a huge veggie garden. 3 worn Out-buildings.  I wouldn't go inside...The back porch of this place had a huge yard/garden in front with camellia bushes, roses and lots of flowers.  There were grape vines growing on the back fence. 

The Husband is really starting to get serious now - he's making all these plans and I am like...getting ner, ner nervous.

Wonderful.  I've done it again...another impulsive idea all because I was bored.

To be continued....


  1. Anonymous8:59 AM

    Would Foodie and Navy join you? I thought the husband was the social one.

    1. Yes we would include them in this. The Husband is social but he does have this one side of him, that loves farming even though the man has never farmed a day in his life (Southern California boy) but his parents side of the family were Kansas farmers so maybe it's in his "jeans?"


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