Wednesday, April 17, 2013

An oldie but goodie

This morning I discovered that the letter "O" on my laptop keyboard is sticking. It is driving me crazy and is going to slow me down.

This is what it would look like if I just typed it.

This mrning I discvered that the letter "" n my keybard is sticking. It is driving me crazy and is ging t slw me dwn.

This is a Repost.


  1. Ha! The big "O". This is the post that originally brought you a lot of traffic, correct?

    1. Ohhhh yeah - from all the sicko's from the world wide web.

  2. Funny! I usually come here and get a laugh.

  3. very clever. i didn't even notice the o's missing the first time i read it! wow~

  4. Funny!

    Cynthia (The Sock Zone)
    a to z challenge


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