Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A-Z Is this Z end?

To catch up on this story see Kiss me over the garden gate

"Oh crap, another zit!" moaned Rico.

Tonight was the Led Zeppelin concert and he was taking Kimberley.  He hadn't seen her since she arrived back from Zurich. In fact, they hadn't seen each other, in what seemed like a zillion years for Rico. As he dabbed the zinc ointment on his zit,  he thought about how many time-zones, had separated them over the years. This would change!

Meanwhile, Kimberley was zoning out - literally at the zoning commission.  She knew Rico was going to pop the question.  He'd probably present her with a cheap zirconium, try to pull it off that it was real and before she would know it, he would zoom her down the aisle and she'd be Mrs. Zeichstein, making zucchini bread for the rest of her life.  Oh he was zealous always quick with the zingers but did she love him? 

It was dark - Rictor and Bob were zigzagging with the zoom-lens, spying on their old colleagues down in the alley. The time had come, to put an end to their mission. Kim and Rico had betrayed the Zoysia government in Zambia. The ZOO (the organization) had zero tolerance for such behavior. The ZOO-Keeper, a Zen-Buddhist zonked out on Zoloft ( who always had his zither by his side) made the final-decision. It was time to take them out.

All that could be seen from the alleyway, was the light of the zippo-lighter...

Would Rictor and Bob carry out this mission and zap their old friends?  Will Rico zero in on the question? Will Kimberley accept the cubic zirconium as real?  Will the Zoo-keeper ever get a handle on his zest for Zoloft and embrace his Zen-Buddhism fully?

Stay tuned for next years A-Z Challenge where we will find out the answers to zillions of questions and more.

THANKS A-Z challenge. It's been a blast!!!!


  1. What fun reading your A to Z. Do I really have to wait until next April to see if she accepts the ring?


    1. yep you do. :-) It was all so much fun but I was dragging toward the end. I'm glad I did it.

  2. Congrats on finishing the challenge in one piece, I've really enjoyed your blog and stories!

  3. What a zippy story! You did great and I enjoyed your posts throughout the challenge as well as your humor!!


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