Saturday, April 20, 2013

a kontinuing story - of relationships and a round of golf

R is for relationships and a round of golf

See K.  

It had been raining and Rictor, Rico and Bob were running the required course when they came upon the Resort Hotel they had been reassigned to.  Everyone resentfully knew that Raeburn R. Roland, Regional Director of a Right-wing-radical group, was a double agent for the FBI, CIA and the Republican Guard.

Raeburn's reputation of racketeering among the Russian agency and the radio-active waste he was trying to resell to radio-pharmaceuticals was well known.  They were just waiting for the right timing for the respiratory syncytial virus, he was infected with to eliminate him, once and for all.

 The Rez-de-chaussee would soon reactivate, Operation Razzmatazz,  once Raeburn R Roland's Reign of Terror is removed. 

Finally after months of rye-whiskey, top ramen and rugby football, Rictor, Rico and Bob could go home to the republic of Herzegovina, as they awaited their last reassignment. 


  1. Relationships can be very hard to understand sometimes.

  2. Oh no, what will happen next? will he recover from RSV? must be a superRSV to kill an adult! love the R words.


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