Friday, March 29, 2013

waiting for the other shoe to fall

You ever wake up and feel like DOOM is lurking?  Ever feel as if that "other shoe" is about to fall?  That's how I am feeling today. It's not like I am psychic or anything. I just worry a lot at times. - It's a beautiful warm day and here I am, sick to my stomach with nerves - yet I don't know why.  Maybe I do and I have stuffed it.  I am sure it will come out soon.  I don't like feeling this way.

Last night we attended a Easter singing event at a local church - it was nice. Though it practically blew out the Husband's eardrums so he is at the VA right now, getting his ear checked out.  It's popping and cracking and it's ringing.  That must be miserable for him. Tonight we are going to a young couple's home, that has taken a liken to us. They are having a potluck dinner and I'm bringing a salad. To keep on track with my eating plan, I will fix myself some chicken before I leave as not to indulge in some high carbohydrate meal. Speaking of diets and all, my jeans are loose and it looks like I am going to have to use a belt to keep them on! I still have a gut though...I guess that is the last to go.

Perhaps I just need to take a nap -  so if that other shoe is going to fall, I'll sleep right through it!  Yeah yeah that's the plan!


  1. I used to get that alot when I was in menopause and peri-menopause. Didn't help that I also went through a divorce during menopause.

    :: rolls eyes ::

    Hope it works out. Do you have any Xanax or Ativan? It would help. :)

    Enjoy your weekend!

    1. nope no drugs - I'm fine now.

  2. Anonymous4:30 PM

    You social thing, you.

    1. I actually enjoyed it. sHoCk!


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