Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tuesday weight in - lost 2 lbs!

No one would ever believe that in 40 minutes my guests will be here.  The Husband is carving the chicken and I needed to take a rest. I have been going full-speed since this morning.  I could of never done this without the Husband's help.  He's been great. I make him do all the things I don't want to - and he does it all with a grateful heart!  Hehehehe! He's just so happy I agreed to do this.  I'm quite proud of myself.

So I lost 2 lbs.  It's starting to "happen". Sarge (my coach) said I was a hard-one. I wasn't trying to be difficult but I had to get my family on board. I told them, NO MORE CASSEROLES.  I am a casserole queen but I can't do them like I used to. Even this Seder meal is healthy and freshly prepared by me! No preservatives, nothing from a box. Just the way, God made them.  (I did experiment and make a flour-less chocolate cake with just powdered chocolate, organic chocolate chips, butter, sugar and vanilla. That's it.  It is a pie-size, kinda flat - looks more like a brownie. I cut them up into small squares and will serve them with my awesome fruit salad. (I love chocolate with fruit) It's pretty rich so I don't think I will be eating that much of it. Margie is a chocolate lover so I made it for her too.

It's really been a good couple of days, getting prepared for this. I forgot how much I really do like to entertain.

Chag Sameach! 


  1. Two pounds is freakin fantastic! Congrats! Hope tonight goes well!

  2. Sounds like you are enjoying it! Glad to hear you lost two pounds.
    Have lots of fun.

  3. congrats, and I hope you had fun entertaining.


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