Friday, March 22, 2013

Trouble in Paradise

There's been a lot of drama in town over our resident bald eagles.

Liberty and Patriot have made their home near the Sacramento River and off the highway since about 2006.  A local foundation put up a eagle-cam and every year, Liberty and Patriot allow the viewers to witness their miracles.

They are local celebrities. However this year, there's been trouble. Another bald eagle has come to their territory and has started trouble. Between 2/6 and 2/13, three eggs were spotted in the nest.  Apparently one egg didn't make it, and another egg was killed by a eagle. (the Intruder) Someone made the premature statement (without any facts) that the eagle was killed by Patriot the male eagle. This upset a lot of people. Patriot has not been seen since Sunday, March 17. However the Intruder Eagle is hanging around. Pictures and videos reveal the culprit, was not Patriot so he has been cleared - but where is he?  

This morning, I checked the cam, and saw Liberty incubating the egg - rolling it around. It should be any day now. And I read on Facebook, where the Intruder actually came in and incubated the egg for some time, to give Liberty a chance to "stretch her wings" and eat.

The consensus is that either Patriot is still alive and been chased from his territory and his family or he has been injured or possible dead from Mr. Intruder.  Now if Mr. Intruder is now incubating the egg, it shows he is being "parental" and this egg he won't eat.  Liberty needs help. She cannot raise up this eaglet on her own. So hopefully this will work out for good but I admit, I am concered about our beautiful Patriot. Unfortunately Mr. Intruder is not as gorgeous - he looks a bit scruffy and has a crooked beak.  He might be a first year eaglet and doesn't understand "the rules."

I have been obsessed with this drama -  When you drive by the area where they are homed - you can see the Intruder Eagle sitting on one of the trees next to the big eagles nest.

Amazing to watch all of this. Right now the egg has cracked in half and we are all waiting....

Note: If you want to view it on the eagle-cam, you may have to keep clicking on it. So many are trying to view it. Just keep clicking and you will eventually get to view it.

photo credit; Friends of the Redding Eagles


  1. This is so sad. :(

    1. I was bunmmed all day yesterday. I got way too much involved in all of it.


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