Thursday, March 14, 2013


As I was in the car yesterday, I heard on the radio that the Vatican conclave  smoke had just turned to white. I couldn't wait to get home and turn on the TV.  That's mighty crazy in a way, because I am NOT Catholic. But every-time they go about getting a new Pope, I get excited and think the whole process is quite interesting. I don't get all DEEP into it, as to whether or not I totally believe the whole thing, but it's like Tevye says in Fiddle on the Roof - It's TRADITION! 

I appreciate traditions. Yeah some of them can be a drag - but it is like Tevye says, it keeps us "grounded".  I'd much rather be grounded than all over the place, which I can be at times.  I am one that really does feel the need for the security I find in Tradition.  And while I may not believe in others traditions,  or some of the ones I have grown up with - I certainly admire how many of these old Traditions are still around in today's modern world.

I can't image what the world would look like without Traditions. Take them or leave them I still think it's all pretty neat! Congratulations to the new Pope.


  1. I was "raised Catholic" (more like dragged to church Catholic) but I found the whole thing beautiful. How can you not like the simplicity of the new Pope? Like you, I wondered what was up with the Pope, turned on the TV, and the smoke was white. Strange.

    1. True. Plus the eyes of the people said it all - new Hope and exciting times for all Catholics. I don't have a problem with that! :-)


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