Friday, March 08, 2013

This and Fat

I could get my burger protein-style here

So many anniversaries - Today is the anniversary of my first marriage.  37 years ago! Man, that can't be - I'm not that old!  :-)  Married for 24 years, 2 of them spent in separation before the divorce. Oh well - I usually forget about it but today I was reminded. I wonder if the EX ever thinks back?  Oh well, he is the one that made the choices that he did and I was the one who chose him.

I have been following the eating program almost to a T - I do feel discouraged and not confident at all, that I will lose any weight on Tuesday. I am hungry and not at all satisfied. I'm telling you, this is NO WAY to live. Which totally puts me in the LIVE FOR FOOD category! If I could just lose what I want to - I hope and pray I don't ever put those pounds on again, because I HATE THIS!

I'm 166 pounds. I'm 5'4 and small boned but I wouldn't call me petite although I guess when I was 110 pounds I could say that - but in a way, weren't we all petite when we were younger?  I was thin and very active when The Husband and I married 11 years ago.  Then my son died, and I comforted myself with food. I gained about 30 lbs. Then went to Weight Watchers. I did lose about 20.  I also was on a no to low carb diet and lost a lot of weight. That seems to work best for me. Then my dad died and then Mom. I gained it back and was off work for 2 years and was depressed.  It's been at least 5 years since I have seriously dieted and I guess my metabolism is OLD.

maybe if I do good, I can reward myself

I told Curves I wanted to get down to 125 but now I am thinking that might be impossible for me.  I don't really care WHAT I weigh, as long as I look good and feel good and I can do the things I used to do. Since Dec I have only lost 3 or 4 lbs. That was the most I have ever weighed in my life.  The highest I ever got to was 131. So it shook me up when I went to the doctors and saw what I weighed.

This really is a WAR.

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  1. Anonymous3:33 PM

    125 is insanity. I would look gaunt at that weight.

    1. yeah see, I don't know what would look good on me. I think my goals might be too unrealistic.

  2. I was just telling my wife today (my 3rd wife by the way) that I wish I could just take pills and not eat anymore. I'm sick of food. Well, maybe not all that sick because I keep eating the stuff. I'd like to be able to lose about 40 pounds to get closer to my high school weight of 175 (I'm 5'11"). I feel like I ate way too much today, but not as much as I used to be able to eat. I'm not thrilled about a lot of exercising either, but I probably should walk more often.

    Now a follower of your blog.

    An A to Z Co-Host
    Tossing It Out

    1. Hi Lee, nice to meet you. Walking is the best. It's just getting up and out the door that sometimes is hard for me. Once I am walking, I love it.


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