Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Rain

Chinatown in the Rain

Armed with my coffee this rainy Spring morning,  I sit with Daisey Mae by my side listening to the pitter patter of rain,  just outside my bedroom window.  After weeks and weeks of mild temps and sunshine, it rains on the first day of Spring. We should not complain. We can always use the rain here in California.

The weather has always been a favorite topic at our house and it comes from my folks; dad in particular. NO they weren't farmers.  Dad was a self-employed contractor and "weather permitting" he would work. In San Francisco, the fog in the summer can be pea-soup-like and you have to wait till it clears. In certain parts of "the city" closer to the ocean, sometimes it never clears - the closer to the bay,  you might find sun peaking out through the clouds.  When we moved down the coast, we always started our summer day with that morning fog.  It smelled so nice and fresh as it moved through redwood trees, bringing that fragrance along with it.

In the winter, when we get our rain, dad would be grumpy. Always asking what's in the forecast. Back then, the rainy season seemed longer and we had some pretty good storms so Dad would be home for weeks at a time.  So I remember weather.  Then for really no good reason, other than I tend to be a creature of habit,  I too, adopted the same weather fixation and the weather channel didn't help matters, when they came out on cable the first time.  At my house, we would have the weather channel going all day. Especially if there was some big weather news across the country. So I pass those weather genes on to my sons.  Foodie, the middle one I TOTALLY thought he would be a meteorologist. He understands those highs and lows, and all meteorological jargon - in fact, he is our resident weather man.  When he was a teen, he would sit in his room, watching the weather-channel like some kids back then would watch M-TV. 

So for some of us, who have been weather-watching for years, nothing surprises us about the weather here in northern California.  And we never just say it's sunny out or it's rainy. We always feel the need to explain it in more depth: 

"Bummer, it's the first day of Spring and it's raining."

" Forecasters expect as much as a half-inch of rain today, though the next few days of sunny skies should quickly dry out the area. Today’s high temperature should be about 62 degrees with south wind up to 10 mph. Tonight will drop to 39 degrees with less than a tenth of an inch of additional rain expected. Thursday should be mostly sunny with a high near 68 and Friday should see the same daytime high. Sun will stick around to warm Saturday and Sunday to 69 degrees, according to the National Weather Service."

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  2. OMG, another meterologist-wannabe!!! LOL I LOVE to turn to TWC (*see? I know that!) when there is a major storm somewhere. I fixate on it. And here I live in So. California, where weather is so subtle. :)

    1. My husband was born in Long Beach -

  3. On snow days, I will start hitting the refresh button at 5:30 am until I figure out whether we have one or not. OCD, I know.

    My friend used to play the Weather Channel for her Rottweiler when she went to work.

    1. Ha, when we had our other dog before he passed, the Husband used to turn on Animal Planet before we went anywhere without him. He actually watched it.


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