Sunday, March 03, 2013

My kitchen decorating plans

Our master bathroom fan is dead. We can't have that so the Husband is out purchasing a new one. He checked the old one out, to try and fix it but the motor overheated and burnt out.

Replace, mend, repair - it's all we seem to do in this house.  When do I get to do the fun stuff? 

We've been here almost 5 years and I desperately need to paint the inside. Plus I want to paint my kitchen cabinets using that Rust-Oleum cabinet restoration.  ( this is not a promotional ad) I have these oak cabinets that BORE me. So I am going to paint and glaze them. After that I am going to paint my ugly white Formica-counter-tops with a counter-top-paint from Rust-Oleum.  I can't see replacing the counter-tops right now. The paint will have to do. Then I need a new sink and faucet. That is where I will spend some money. I want one of those farm sinks (I think)  I do need a new stove/oven but I am hoping it just needs to be cleaned. I'll hold off on that for later too.

This for the oak cabinets

Oh I have so many plans - that has been burning a hole in my head as I wait and wait and wait for the time that we can FINALLY do it. First, we do need to paint the living room and dining and kitchen area. The living, dining and kitchen areas share the same vaulted ceiling. This will get done this month!!! It is going to be a mess.  I have to pack everything up like I am moving. Because after we paint the walls and ceiling, it will be time to do the kitchen.

I have ceiling fans - and so instead of replacing, I've opted to spray-paint them and the hardware. This was my parents home and it really needs an update that says "ME" instead of them. Its MY HOUSE now.

My kitchen is so ugly that I really hate to cook in it and clean it. I take no pride in my kitchen! It's funny too because I really do enjoying cooking and cleaning a kitchen and I have my cheap-food blog so I NEED a cheap-redone-kitchen!

I'm excited.


  1. I like the glazed look. It's pretty. I often sport the glazed look...though...not so pretty on me. ;)

    I wanted to let you know, I've got a Monday blog hop and it opens tomorrow am just as you're pouring the coffee. ;) I hope you'll stop by and link up!

  2. I hope you get to the project soon. We live in the house my husband grew up in. We had a 4 day remodel done, that we paid more than we should have for. Since my husband and I have different tastes, there was compromising on both sides, and I am not completely happy with it, but it is better than it had been, and much more functional.

    1. Oh boy - well I don;t even consider what we are doing remodeling. Basically just sprucing things up with paint! Can't afford to do it all at once so it will be done in stages. My goal is to have a fairly nice kitchen by Thanksgiving!

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  4. I can't wait to hear about it as you do it. I haven't heard of painting countertops. Pictures please?

    1. I figure it will be good for a couple of years until we decided what we want and can save up for new counter-tops. I couldn't make those counter-tops more uglier. I'm desperate!


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