Monday, March 04, 2013

I'll have a cup of coffee with a spoon full of family dysfunction

The daughter and son-in-law up in Washington really upset me. They call down and get us all upset, saying they are going to be evicted - So I go and search out phone numbers and websites for emergency housing etc. and then come to find out about it - they haven't even been evicted.  It is all what they THINK will happen.

Man, don't tell me this stuff, unless it is a done-deal.  So I ask if they at least, have checked out the numbers I gave to them.

"They are all dead-end leads"  the son-in-law says

"DEAD END????  How can that be? They are county and state websites."

"They are dead-end."

Grrrrrrrr.  Okay so I am getting frustrated here. I know I should just stay out of it. It's like they sit around and wait for the other shoe to fall.  I am pro-active. I would be out there trying to figure something out - get on waiting lists. Talking to people. The Husband and I have talked about going up there for a visit, but even he says, we probably should just let them handle it, because it would probably make us mad if we actually saw what was REALLY going on.

She once called me and was crying and asking me, was it wrong for her to think that maybe she made a mistake by marrying him.  Is this a set up?  I told her it wasn't wrong to ever think those things but why waste time worrying about all of that NOW.  You're married to him and bottom-line, you have to make it work.

She only knew him 3 months before they married. He is full of anxiety and he's such a sad-sack. Always down has that, 

"No body likes me, everybody hates me, I think I'll eat some worms"  attitude.

Okay, on second thought -  maybe I should not be THAT hard on him. I've had that same attitude before too, but hey,  I draw the line at the worms.

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