Saturday, March 02, 2013

I did it - I cannot lie

Looks like I am going to have to walk my booty off - My birthday was your basic boring birthday - the kind I like best.  I decided to forgo the Mexican food for a really BIG breakfast so I had this really yummy omelet and some fruit. Then we went to Home Depot and picked out color paint chips for our painting project coming up -

I wanted a cake - so we went to the bakery and I picked out a chocolate cake, with custard filling, and glazed strawberries and shaved chocolate on the top. OMG! I figure, you only turn 59 once!  We came home, put it in the fridge and went for a 2 hour walk/hike at a ranch near us.  - Came home and had some cake.  Watched ARGO -  Took a nap. Just picked around for dinner had some more cake.

I'll have to walk again tomorrow and Monday and maybe before my weigh in on Tuesday. Not to mention I will have to be very strict for the rest of the week and drink some extra water! Tuesday starts a new week for me.

Was it worth it?  You tell me.....

almost done

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