Saturday, March 02, 2013

Here we go blah blah - here we go (clap)

I'm such a sentimental slob - I can't get through a birthday without thinking of my mother.

After all, she was there! and regardless of some of her idiosyncrasies she did love her little girl. My birthday seems more like a Mother's Day for my Mom. One time, I bought my Mom flowers on my birthday. She appreciated that. I mean, after all she went through a lot of pain - it was back in the 50's - the forceps slipped bringing me out and I was born with a little shiner! The nuns tried to cauterize her when she wasn't "ready" and in reflex she kicked the Nun in the face it hurt so bad. Then she was scolded from the Head Nun and almost was thrown out of the Catholic Hospital.

You know me - or you will if you are a new follower - I am not much for big celebrations and all the hoopla. My introversion peaks on these days. Plus it's a rather sad day really. To think that the little chubby baby girl with a black and blue shiner was born to a mother who eventually killed herself.

Just can't shake it. I'm fine though - no tears; no depression.  I'll fake the day and smile and act like a silly birthday girl, if that is what pleases my family.


  1. Anonymous4:05 AM

    How can you NOT think of your mother?

    About six people even know when my birthday is. Vince and I both forgot it one year. I should be a Jehovah's Witness.

    Play the lottery, win, and take a vacation.

    1. lol that's funny, I've thought about that before too! Shhhhhhh don't say that too loud, or they'll be at our front doors!

  2. Happy Birthday. I am with you. I prefer low-key celebrations. Have a wonderful weekend.


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