Saturday, March 23, 2013

Entertaining at home

After all the eagle drama of the last couple of days, I was beat last night and had to go to bed early. I was so weepy. I slept 12 hours!  I feel much better today but still feel sad over it all. The nest is empty and no one has seen the Intruder or Liberty.  The end of an Era.

 Okay I am NOT going down that path again -


Well I did it - I agreed to have a couple over to share in our Passover meal on the 26th. The husband has been bugging me and promised to help me clean - and prepare.  Usually we just do it within our family and then we'll go out and do it as a congregation with others later in the week.  I like that best.  Once we had a few friends over and it took FOREVER!  If you've never gone to a Passover meal, it can be long and a lot of work for the hostess. 

I have a lot to do. Believe it or not, I used to be quite the "hostess" and loved entertaining when I lived in the city.  We had people over all the time.  I always preferred entertaining at our house, rather than going out.  - This couple coming over is a nice older couple and I click with the wife.  She's originally from Brooklyn and I love her to pieces. They used to live in So Cal and had a pet Lion and other exotic animals. When they moved they gave them to a movie production company. They used to lend out their Lion for movies. They have many fun stories about their wildlife and raising 4 children.  Talk about a zoo...

Back to Passover - as long as I don't get too in over my head - I need to just focus on KEEPING IT SIMPLE.  My house needs a thorough cleaning anyway before we paint.

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