Monday, March 11, 2013


I love chocolate donuts!

 When diets and losing weight start to be become an obsession, I don't know if that is good. Sarge tells me it should be fun.  Fun? Fun to starve and crave carbohydrates?  I don't think so.  Bottom-line - I don't like being accountable to someone else about my weight loss. Okay, so a few months back I thought that would be good for me. What did I know?  So now, I am a bit stressed for my weigh-in tomorrow.  I tried to follow the diet - but Sat night I made a whole wheat pizza dough and made pizza.  Hey, it was whole wheat!

The whole things makes me mad at myself - I am financially committed to this diet till mid July.  I love the Curves workout - I have no problem with that and can already see and feel the tone in my body. But the diet is restrictive at least for me and I don't like being accountable and shamed if I haven't lost weight.

I must be one of the harder ones, Sarge has to deal with. She asked me to bring in a picture from a magazine of how I want to look.  I don't read many magazines. Instead I will search out a older picture of me, a few years ago.


  1. "I don't like being accountable to someone else about my weight loss"


    It's totally me. I'm right along with you on the weight loss thing. And being accountable to myself is just not enough. sigh.

  2. I did weight watchers about ten years ago. I'd eat heartily for six days, and starve myself before the weigh-in.

  3. I don't eat wheat anymore. I lost weight when I quit eating it, but that wasn't my goal when I quit. I feel better and the cravings went away.


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