Sunday, March 17, 2013

a smorgasbord of nationalities

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St. Patrick driving the snakes out of Ireland

Yep it's St Patrick's Day. A beloved minor holiday, much like Cinco De Mayo. It's all about the food and the beer! And it's when everyone joins in and has fun. Today everyone is Irish!

I have some Irish heritage from my mom's side but my dad was Scotch and Cherokee.  When I was young I used to pull out that portion of Irish in me - on St Patrick's Day. However I much prefer the Scottish side of me. That is what I relate to. 

I was once told that it didn't matter what nationality you were - it was which one you related to the most. Whatever! Now my sons always related to their Irish side even though their father was welsh and Swedish and their grandmother was first generation. For goodness sakes, I relate more to their Swedish heritage than they do! Oh there was a time in the 60's, where I related to my Cherokee side - the blonde-blue eyed Cherokee hippie chick - I did that for a few years.

Never related to the German side of me. Probably because of my love for the Jewish people. This was before I even found out about having family who died in the Holocaust.

All the bits and pieces of my nationalities are precious to me. I have my maternal grandfather's St. Christopher,  from Germany. I have a family bible from Holland.  Some embroidered dollies from Ireland from Grandma. My dad's family settled in Appalachia. Most of all, I relate to just being a American and part of that big old melting pot that has all but died out. Now it's about multiculturalism for everyone else except for those of us, who were born during the melting pot era when our ancestral families assimilated here in America. They don't do that anymore.

So today I will pull out me Irish side and cook up an all-American-corned-beef and cabbage meal because my family expects that from me - oh and to keep from being pinched, I'll have on my green!

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