Monday, March 25, 2013

1 day before -

My kitchen is clean!  It takes someone coming over for dinner to get me on my knees, cleaning out the inside of cabinets. Once I start, I am a cleaning maniac and won't stop. I don't even get hungry! I still have some organizing to do, rearranging but on the most part, if they came right now, my kitchen is clean. 

So today, I hope to make the matzo-ball soup. Just stick it in the refrigerator. We're having:

Rotisserie chicken
roasted potatoes and carrots
Israeli salad
matzo-ball soup
and a fruit salad for dessert.

Along with the traditional, hard boiled eggs, horseradish, and the charoset - a apple, honey walnut mixture that symbolizes the mortar used by the Israelite s in the building of Egypt

Navy will join us, while Foodie has to work. Passover is fairly new to me - my 12th one I have done and I still kinda freak out.  It's supposed to be a simple meal. Some women start weeks ahead, cleaning. I wonder at times, if that is where our "spring-cleaning" came to be. I read somewhere that in New York City, they actually hire special cleaners to clean their homes of every last breadcrumb or chametz. (leavened bread) Some families, hold on to a few breadcrumbs and then by candlelight with a feather, sweep them up and burn them. It's like a burnt offering in a way - I can see how this would be a neat tradition if you had young children. All of these rituals are really not scriptural - just TRADITION!

I'll be glad when it's finally here. I do this for the Husband.


  1. You are a GOOD wife. Hope he recognizes that! :)

    1. I believe he does. He helped me a lot!

  2. I love tradition. It seems to bring people together. I am like you when I get started cleaning I am a maniac too. Hope you enjoy your newfound tradition.

    1. It's nice afterwards to bask in the clean -


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