Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Why I don't like Valentines Day

It's a corny-mushy day that pressures people into doing something way better than someone else, just to show they love "theirs" more than you love "yours."   No, this homey doesn't play that game.

Oh I have in the past - when the kids were in school, it was like,  which Mommy can pack the best Valentine bag lunch for her kid.  And if you weren't all that creative, then it must be because that mommy loves her kid better than you love yours.

Or, when you are married and maybe the husband just gives you a card for $8.00 and then you are told by the neighbor, you hardly ever talk to,  that her husband bought her a diamond tennis bracelet. Wow, that means her husband loves her more than your husband loves you.

Or when you are a single woman - and you don't have a date or a guy you are dating, you feel like you are a loser.

Or when you are in grade-school and you don't get as many Valentines as some of your friends.

Or you don't wear red and pink on Valentines Day and everyone just thinks you are a party-pooper.

Or because you are of the female gender and you are automatically supposed to fall all over yourself just because it is Valentines Day. 

Or because you are a man, and you feel a lot of pressure from the female gender - to make a expensive purchase just so you can prove to her, that you love her the best.

Or just because you are not a "Valentines Day" person, you are NOT ROMANTIC. 

Too much peer pressure on Valentines Day and I naturally rebel. Always have.

I don't like to go out to dinner on Valentines Day because it embarrasses me - here I am this grown adult woman, holding hands and starring googly-eyed with my husband so the whole world can see, how much we love each other. Oh BARF!

I'd much rather stay home and make like a normal evening and show my googly-eyed love to him through-out the year.

 photo credit: Road Fun via photopin cc


  1. We are going out early since its our normal date night. I don't like VD for the one reason you said, it makes a lot of people on the planet feel bad.


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