Monday, February 04, 2013

What's so good about losing weight anyway?

I blew it this weekend on my diet. I didn't totally pig out but I was hungry - so I ate.

Saturday was strange. No matter what I ate, my stomach still growled - it might of been a form of GERD. So I kept trying to feed myself something, that would get rid of that intense hunger feeling I had. Nothing helped - so I went to bed.

Then yesterday, I made Buffalo wings and we had pizza - I also made lemon bars which were just too sweet for me - Oh and I had some chips and dip.

I don't like to diet - I have officially been on this - entering my 3rd week today and I have not lost what I should simply because...I'm hungry! and the thing is, when I don't diet, I forget to eat, which then makes me fat and gain more weight. You would think that would be the opposite.

I find myself starting to justify my weight -

  •  I don't look fat -
  •  I'm almost 59 - 
  • I'm old, not supposed to look like a "babe" anymore -
  •  who friggen cares?   
 Tomorrow I get weighed (sounds like I am a slab of meat - well in many ways I am)

I'll answer to the Sarge for sure.....tomorrow.

 photo credit: paul goyette via photopin cc


  1. 2nd try...

    Has your doctor said anything? Do you have diabetes? If no, then why worry?

    1. No diabetes - I'm good. I just don't feel good in my clothes and last summer I huffed and puffed, due to my extra weight. I want to have energy again and I want to hike and do the things I used to.

      But you are right - why worry. Just do what I can - I have given myself a year.

    2. My least favorite thing about extra weight is the jiggles. You can just feel it.


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