Monday, February 11, 2013


You get 2 posts today! 

Yesterday afternoon was a perfect day for a hike and for me to get some "steps" in on my pedometer.  So Navy, Daisey Mae and I went for a drive to Whiskeytown Lake for a little hike. Can't get too strenuous of a hike in, when I have the dog. She has a bad back,  but she enjoys what she can do and I love to make her smile.

A fed bear is a dead bear - DO NOT FEED THE BEARS!

Not many people were there - so we headed over to the beach-area. Once The Husband and I were hiking around and saw 2 baby cubs - and then Mama Bear. I wanted to get a picture so I kept moving in closer and Mama Bear was watching me. There was a creek separating us and I guess it was a fool thing to do, she could have charged me.  No bears now, but soon they will be coming down the mountain, along with their cubs, ready to eat.

 Waiting for summer ...

Navy walking around the wet sand - we need some rain.

Me, waving at you! Bye.

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  1. Lovely .. I saw part #1 of the tour :)


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