Sunday, February 10, 2013

This isn't Florida

Mount Shasta

Another beautiful day in the neighborhood! Sunshine and mild temperatures - if I didn't know it was winter, I would think that it is spring.  I know, we'll probably pay for this. When spring officially comes, we'll revert back to a rainy winter for a few weeks. That is almost always how this goes.

The weather entices me to start the garden but I know it's a trick - from nature. Yeah, I get it - I plant my seeds - the monsoons hit - add in a hard freeze and some freak snow and my garden is gone. Been there, done that. I will wait this out and enjoy this free gift of spring-like-weather in the winter.


  1. Anonymous5:14 PM

    64 degrees!

  2. We never have such a 'trick' in nature .. just add a few more inches of snow and wait until Mother's Day to plant the garden .. then be prepared to cover stuff up until July. Enjoy the spring break.

    1. You live in a beautiful area - been through there only in the summer, on our way to Yellowstone. Oh I am enjoying it! :-)


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