Friday, February 15, 2013

The wedding

Carmel, Ca

The Husband wanted a grander wedding than I did. I'm all about frugality and simplicity. It's who I am and it's in my DNA.  I was like this when I married for the first time. My parents wanted this big wedding in a church and all I wanted was a cotton dress, in a field of daisies - with dogs and beautiful children running around. I would be barefoot and we'd toast to our life together using small canning jars filled with Boones Farm Strawberry Hill and Apple Wine  (Okay I'm kidding about the Strawberry Hill)   My folks did not like that. So we compromised and I was married in my home, in front of a burning fire on a cold March evening with just family. I know it was a great disappointment to my parents, but I never could understand why so many get caught up in the wedding plans - and totally forget about the marriage. I wanted to skip all of that and get right to the marriage part.

The Husband wanted to be married by his Rabbi friend in WA.  He wanted the Chuppah - the whole shmeer. I didn't want the cost of all my family having to go up to WA. So instead we were married, simply,  in the Carmel Valley of California.

My friends did everything. Provided the food, and flowers and it was just beautiful. Still more than I really wanted but it pleased everyone.

When the Pastor asked, who was giving me away, my three sons stood up and said, "We do."

That was so special.


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  2. Anonymous1:27 PM

    You know, you seem the most like me, practical and all, but you are the only one who makes me sniff!

    I had a backyard wedding, and a small chapel wedding. Like you, married twice. Did you guys step on a glass?

    1. no. Maybe when we hit 20 years, we can renew our vows with a more Jewish wedding.

  3. Congratulations! When my husband and I were planning our wedding in 1972, I had purchased some flowered fabric I wanted to have made into a simple dress. Our moms squashed that idea, but my future mil made a shirt and shorts with it, which I wore after the wedding. Our parents added people to the guest list we didn't know, which I guess was OK to a point. Still, our wedding was much simpler than many of our day, and pales in comparison to the spreads folks have these days.

    1. I know, weddings now days are outrageous. Planning a wedding always causes some big family issues. I have never regretted not having a big wedding.


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