Saturday, February 23, 2013


At this writing, I see that Matt commented on the forum.

Already doublechecked that you have Summary Burner inactive in your Feedburner settings / Optimize ?
I did that and now I get full feed - still no pictures - still a no-reply-blogger

So you have 'Show my email address' checked in ?
Yeah . I reverted the google+ back to the old Blogger profile - made sure I checked show my email addy and then went back to google+
Is the email address there something other than the noreply @ address ?
ah yeah - 

Any address entered in Feedburner settings / Publize / Email Subscriptions / Communication Preferences ?

In your feedburner feed details settings, does the original feed URL end in feeds/posts/default ,
or feeds/posts/default?alt=rss  ?
So I have given him my spiel - am waiting back for a response.  I have pinged, and poked and bitched - I have threatened to find a alternative feed burner for my posts (is there any out there???) and I have threatened to leave BLOGGER for WordPress on these particular blogs I am having the issue with. With the exception of beating my head against the wall - I think I have done all I can from my end. I even tried to outsmart it, by making another email address for Recipes on the Cheap and did not cross over to Google+ and it worked - for about a day! So BOTH Emails are no-reply which if I were a paranoid individual I would think THEY are trying to shut me down - Cheap Recipes are a threat to the world. (Okay that is a major stretch and over-dramatization) hehehehe, until the next post just sign me, 

the cheap no-reply-blogger and JOIN the CLUB!


  1. One day i woke up and I was no reply blogger out of the blue, who knew!! Don't know how it happened! One of my followers e-mailed me when I responded to a comment she made on my blog and let me know.

    I gave up google + for a while after that because I think it was something with them that did it. I fixed it by going back to the old settings then eventually I did go back to google + but it's a concern.

    1. I fixed it - it was with feedburner and the settings. Had nothing to do with google+ Whew - I was ready to throw in the towel!


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