Wednesday, February 27, 2013

not working the program

This weeks weigh-in was disappointing but then again I was relieved. I stayed the same. I didn't lose or gain.  Boy that FAT of mine, loves me. It just doesn't want to budge. Of course it did have some outside help with those cookies I splurged on a few days ago. Then Sarge told me...I was not "working the program."  Ah, she finally caught on.  I guess now I will really have to dig in. But its so hard!  There is always some occasion going on, with special goodies that I only eat once a year.  This week so far is good but Saturday is my birthday. I will be 59.  So that is when "new year" really starts. I'll have 1 full year to lose weight and get healthy and fit before I turn 60.  NOW what about my cake??? and going out to dinner?  and lunch?

I especially disliked it when she told me that "others" are seeing results because THEY are working the program...following the rules...yeah yeah yeah.  Well, I'm a hard cookie to crack if she thinks she can shame me and rile up my competitiveness side. The only motivator for me to lose weight and look good would be if my sister was coming to town!  And she isn't and so I struggle with the motivation.

No, my motivation is also some nice summer tops, I want to wear this year - they were too tight across the bust and I had to just put them away. 

Well at the very least, I am feeling more energetic and I am getting more tone.

I'll try to try harder this week.


  1. Anonymous3:57 PM

    Why your sister?

    Do any family members read your blog?

    1. No family members or friends read my blog as far as I know. It's not their interest. My sister motivates me because it means so much to her to that she is better than me, so when she is coming around it motivates me to pick up the slack. It's getting harder though, with her being 5 years younger than me. Hmmmm a good future blog post.

    2. Anonymous3:52 AM

      My brother, Sis-in-law and aunt have been reading, and I had no idea. They never comment.

    3. I couldn't let down my hair if I had family read my blog. I show the Husband and he goes, "very nice" and that's about it.

  2. Pity Party tomorrow - my place! :-)

    1. Thanks for the reminder! I feel one coming on...


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