Thursday, February 28, 2013

my pity-party rant for February - I'm a loser!



Whoa, you ever say that to yourself - that you are a total waste of breath and that you are a loser? I try not to, but at times, that inner voice plays that tape for me over and over and over again.  So today I am contributing to the monthly pit party rant.  Only I don't really feel the passion of my pity this morning - I shall muster up something.  :-)

Sometimes I think I am a loser. Or that I was born under a bad star or moon - or that God loves everyone else - except for me and He likes to see me suffer. (My loyal readers know what my "triggers" are so I am not going to go there at this time)

It just seems nothing ever goes right - there is always something that can go wrong. Sure I ride life, like a big wave and manage to stay afloat but I get so tired of it all. Nothing is ever PERFECT in my life.

Why am I a loser?

  • I don't like to work real jobs
  • I lack inner motivation - no get up and go
  • I'm too much of a introvert 
  • I can't seem to finish many of my projects
  • chronic depression that never really goes away
  • I waller in my stinkin-thinkin at times.

If only I could make some money doing the things I absolutely love and enjoy. But NOoooooooo that would make too much sense and be too easy for me. 
My life = struggle - struggle - struggle.

The key for me is:  When will I ever be a success in my own eyes?  



  1. wow, it's like you've been inside my brain! is it possible that we ALL have these thoughts now and then and you are just brave enough to give them a voice? maybe.

    1. I can't imagine women like Michelle Obama feeling like a loser. No, just us women bloggers - maybe that is why we blog.

  2. Anonymous12:00 PM

    Then I'm a loser too. Yay us!

  3. I've got a lot of those character traits too. Hey - let's start our own support group. Eh...but somebody's gotta organize it, I'm not feeling that motivated, I'm not much of a people person and I'd never get around to planning it. Plus I'm depressed. Fuck it. Let's just have some coffee. ;) xx

  4. I think we were twins separated at birth. I have so many great ideas....that is about as far as it goes. And then I got my husband fired and now he's in another state and depression is my best friend.
    I think we need motivators, can you hire someone to do that? It might help.

    1. its funny - I am a great motivator to others but can hardly motivate myself to get out of the house in the morning. I'll motivate you, if you motivate me. Ha good luck on that!


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