Sunday, February 24, 2013

Long walks and old men

After just about killing the cookies - I am going to need 2 days worth of long walks to counter the pounds I may have gained. I hate getting weighed and gaining a pound. I'm okay at staying the same - So I have to try to today and tomorrow to pump up my cardio exercise and walk. -  Those cookies were soooooooooooo good. Even my sons like them because they are not too sweet. The sweetness comes mostly from the filling. They are especially tasty with my morning coffee. I've already had 2 this morning.

The Husband is in bed - one son went to work; the other goes to work this afternoon. He is the one who works with the old people. He told me that a bad cold is going around in the convalescent hospital.  Years ago when I was in the 8th grade I wanted to be a nurse. So one summer, I worked as a candy-striper at a convalescent hospital. I had to help lift patients, make beds, empty bed pans - I worked hard. What bothered me the most was the old people who were vegetating in the hospital. Depressing for a 8th grader. So I quit. The old men were nasty - and would say, the most outrageous sexual things and back then you just didn't hear those things on a regular basis as you do now, so it was quite shocking to me and bothered me. I was really afraid of some of those old men.

My son says the old men are still like that. But since he's a guy he thinks it is funny. He also said, the old women are just as nasty. One old lady told him, if she was just a little younger, she would "take him on".  He laughed.

 That's just gross.

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  1. Anonymous11:02 AM

    I was a candy striper too! When I applied for a job at a hospital years later, I mentioned it in my cover letter. I think that's what got me the job.

    1. are you sure we aren't sisters from another mother?????


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