Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Navy started a new job yesterday. It's not a career-type job - just a job so he can get back on his feet again after his emotional-breakdown a few months ago. He was desperate just to find a job - any job. He even applied at Burger King and McDonald's and those suckers didn't even call him back. Oh he can operate million dollar equipment, guide F-16 fighters on the flight deck of a aircraft carrier, yet they can't trust him to flip some burgers?  What is wrong with some of these employers??? Don't they get it?

He's working at a corporate cleaning company, that has business accounts all over. They go in and clean the carpet, maintain the facilities.  He likes it so far.

The other son quit the 3rd job and just has the 2 now. He likes it but says the old people are really old and most have dementia to some degree. He told us about this one man, he was warned about. The man was old and mean. He will physically attack you if you do not give him graham crackers so they told him, he has to keep some in his pocket. Well the mean man, died the other day.

I've been getting many orders for Avon and Tiny Tillia from just CURVES - so I found a gold mine there!  Not that I am making "gold" but it's a start. I also sell children's books and have not started to really get out there and promote it yet. I don't know what I am waiting for -

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