Thursday, February 14, 2013

It's only ONE day and its almost over!

Today there will be:

  • many people out and about wearing red. 
  • Love in the air. 
  • excited school children
  • Some boys that want this day to be over with, already.
  • High school girls who are a bit more giggly around the boys. 
  • Wives wearing more cologne  - heck maybe even some make-up. 
  • husbands scrambling to find that cheap outdoor stand, that sells teddy bears and roses to save a buck. 
  • Women in offices, receiving roses, balloons, flowers and those GIANT TEDDY BEARS.
  • Restaurants and expensive hotels booked with lovers for this one night. 
  • Hand holding couples everywhere
  • dogs wearing their red kerchiefs at the dog park
  •  a run at the Dollar store for last minute Valentine paraphernalia
  • Mommies everywhere,  squishing their food into heart-shape molds
  • no more red food coloring at the store.

And then there are the ones, no one even thinks about - who find today to be miserable...

  • The old man who just recently lost his wife after many happy years of marriage
  • The old woman, who sits beside her husband - who doesn't even know who she is 
  • The overweight man/woman who has a heart of gold yet no man/woman will ever know her/him.
  • The shy guy who wants a sweetheart -but doesn't have one
  • The soldier who thinks of his family back in the states
  • The grieving mom who always thinks of her son on Valentines Day.

photo credit: Anant N S ( via photopin cc


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